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Stop the aerial slaughter of wolves in Alaska NOW!

Please take a few minutes to read about this great atrocity and add your voice to the cry of outrage over this barbaric practice recently reinstated in Alaska.  To learn more, visit or and please sign the petition to the Governor of Alaska here:

Wolfen Rescue is now closed!

Due to increasing health problems, I have been forced to admit defeat and close Wolfen Rescue for good. I can no longer handle the chores necessary to care for the wolf dogs properly. Thyme is the chief problem, as she is the most physically challenging one I have. I've been forced to find space for her with a sanctuary - thankfully Southwest Wildlife stepped up. For Thyme's current status, please visit Save Thyme. Amaroq will be remaining here, since he ceased being a foster dog long ago. He and I have reached an understanding and he takes it easy on me, for the most part.

Note: Wolf-Net will continue operations indefinitely. That, at least, I can still handle.

Wolfen Rescue is (was) a small non-profit animal rescue organization that specializes in wolves and wolf dogs. For wolf dog rescue and/or adoption in Arizona, please visit Tundra Shepherd Rescue of Arizona.

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