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Welcome to the Save Thyme in 2005 campaign headquarters!

Meet Thyme... She is a medium content Mexican Grey Wolf and Alaskan Malamute mix who is in need of a new home. She was saved from euthanization at an Arizona animal shelter by my rescue, Wolfen Rescue. Due to increasing health problems, I have been forced to shut down Wolfen Rescue for good. Unfortunately, Thyme has become too much for me to handle, and each time I visit with her, I risk significant harm to my long term health. So.. she needs a new home desperately.

After an extensive search across the country, one sanctuary stepped forward and offered to give Thyme a home: Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Foundation. While space is very limited there, they will be able to make room for Thyme, provided I can pay for the enclosure. Thyme is a dominant female who needs to live alone or, given lots of space, with a submissive male. Her new enclosure, while still small, will be about double the size of her current home (which is much too small as I had to separate her from the other wolf dog in my care).

The enclosure is going to cost about $7,000 and will be 10' x 60'. It will a modular design made with panels of 9 gauge chain link 8' tall and 5' wide. It will also have a 9 gauge chain link roof and floor (buried), with a shade screen over the entire enclosure. This innovative design is very modular and easily portable/expandable. There will also be a "catch cage" which is essentially a double gate entry to prevent her from slipping out when the gate is opened. Inside the enclosure she'll have a shelter and large stock tank for water and summer cooling.

How To Help

Interested in helping with Thyme's relocation? All donations are tax-deductible, as Southwest Wildlife is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) corporation. We need money, obviously, but the cost of the enclosure would be greatly reduced with donations of fencing materials. Our needs are very specific, so if you are interested in donating materials, please contact us. Monetary donations should be made payable to "Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Educational Foundation", marked "For Thyme" and sent to this address:

Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation & Educational Foundation, Inc.
PMB 115
8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

You can also donate on-line with a credit card here - be sure to check the box marked "Save Thyme in 2005". If you do make a donation by mail or on-line, please contact me and let me know the amount and when you sent it, so I can update the chart. Thank you!!!

New! We've added a CafePress store, where you can buy great products that benefit Save Thyme. Items are priced a little higher than normal, so each product purchased donates $10-15 to Thyme's relocation. Think of it as a way to donate and get great stuff in return! Items are being added all the time, and will include framed photos of Thyme, clothing and other great products. Shop there today!

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